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Public Safety Services
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Lomita Station

The City of Rolling Hills, in 1957, was one of the very first municipalities in Los Angeles County to contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for public safety.

Rolling Hills is served by the Lomita Station of the Sheriff's Department.  

In an emergency situation, please call 911.  For all other purposes, the Lomita Station can be contacted at 310.539.1661.   

Lomita Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
26123 Narbonne Ave., Lomita, CA 90717
Phone: 310-539-1661  

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 You can call the Lomita Station at 310.539.1661

Crime Prevention Starts with You. See Something, Say Something. Create a Strong Defense.

Press Release, Special Bulletin, Updates pertaining to mail theft and residential burglaries

Summary Overview of 9/6/12 meeting regarding Identify Theft

Trespassing on private property, per the City’s Municipal Code, is not permitted

Overview on the Trespass law, and how it is enforced

Below are two laws from the California Penal Code (PC), and five City of Rolling Hills Municipal codes that address trespassing.  It is important to know that these violations are misdemeanors, with the exception of 602.8 (a) PC, which is an infraction.  These law being misdemeanors, a Private Persons Arrest is necessary unless the Deputy Sheriff was actually present, and witnessed the trespass occurring. 

602.8 (a) is only citable when the violation occurs in the presence of a law enforcement officer or Deputy Sheriff.  If the person leaves the property prior to a Deputy arriving, the person cannot be cited for the violation. 

Here are examples of Trespassing, and how the Sheriff will enforce the applicable laws:

Example 1. Mr. Rozas arrives home to find a man, unknown to him, walking around his property. Mr. Rozas yells at the man, telling him to get off his property.  The man ignores Mr. Rozas, so Mr. Rozas calls the Sheriff’s Department. Note: Mr. Rozas has no fencing, or signs prohibiting trespassing.

A Deputy Sheriff arrives on scene, and contacts the suspect and Mr. Rozas.  Due to the fact the suspect is still on scene, and on the property, the Deputy arrests him for 9.40.010 Rolling Hills Municipal Code (see below).

Let’s make one change to the above scenario.  The suspect, seeing the Deputy’s patrol car approaching, exits the property.  The Deputy arrives and contacts Mr. Rozas.  Mr. Rozas points down Crest Road, and tells the Deputy, “There he is, he left when he saw you.”  The Deputy explains to Mr. Rozas that a private persons arrest would be necessary due to the fact the Deputy was not present during the violation.  Mr. Rozas agrees to the Private Persons Arrest procedure.  The Deputy contacts the suspect and drives him back to Mr. Rozas, where Mr. Rozas advises the suspect he is under private persons arrest for 9.40.010 Rolling Hills Municipal Code (see below).  A small amount of paper work is completed with Mr. Rozas, and the suspect is taken to Lomita Sheriff’s Station for booking or the suspect is cited in the field.

Example 2:  A woman who does not live in Rolling Hills continuously avoids the gate attnedent when entering the city, in order to walk her dogs.While walking up Portuguese Bend Rd. from the main gate, the gate attendant yells out to the woman, “Ma’am, you are not allowed to be in the city without permission!”  The woman looks back, then continues on with her walk.The gate attendant is busy with a line of cars to check in, and does not have time to call the Sheriff.  

The next day, the same woman re-appears, and the same scenario unfolds. This time, the gate attendant is able to call the Sheriff.  The Sheriff arrives, and takes the guard’s statement. The gate attendant on two occasions warned the woman she was not allowed on the private roads, without permission.  The Deputy finds the woman within city limits, and arrests her for 9.40.020 Rolling Hills Municipal Code.  Due to the fact the Deputy was not present to witness the attendant advise the woman of the offense, he MAY elect to have the guard make a Private Persons Arrest.  However, based on the guard’s statement coupled with the fact the woman was detained within city limits, the Deputy has the authority to make the arrest.

602.5 (a) Penal Code – Unauthorized entry of property:   Every person other than a public officer or employee acting within the course and scope of his or her employment in performance of a duty imposed by law, who enters or remains in any noncommercial dwelling house, apartment, or other residential place without consent of the owner, his or her agent, or the person in lawful possession thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor. This applies to someone within a structure.

602.8 (a) Penal Code – Lands under cultivation, enclosed by fence or posted; entry without written permission; punishment; exemptions:

Any person who without the written permission of the landowner, the owner’s agent, or the person in lawful possession of the land, willfully enters any lands under cultivation or enclosed by fence, belonging to, or occupied by, another, or who willfully enters upon uncultivated or unenclosed lands where signs forbidding trespass are displayed at intervals not less than three to the mile along all exterior boundaries and at all roads and trails entering the lands, is guilty of public offence.

 (b) any person convicted of a violation of subdivision (a) shall be punished as follows:   

(1) A first offense is an infraction punishable by a fine of seventy-five dollars ($75).   

(2) A second offense on the same land or any contiguous land of the same landowner, without the permission of the landowner, the landowner’s agent, or the person in lawful possession of the land, is an infraction punishable by a fine of two hundred fifty dollars ($250).

Rolling Hills Municipal Code:  9.40.010 - Unauthorized remaining on private property prohibited. No person shall remain upon any private property, including but not being limited to private roads within the City, after being notified by the owner or lessee or other person in charge thereof to remove therefrom.

9.40.020 - Unauthorized entrance on private property prohibited. No person, without the permission, express or implied, of the owner or lessee or other person in charge of private property, including but not being limited to private roads within the City, shall enter upon such private property after having been notified by the owner or lessee or other person in charge thereof to keep off or keep away therefrom.

9.40.030 - Violation—Penalty.  Any person violating any provision of this chapter, upon conviction thereof, shall be punishable by a fine of not to exceed five hundred dollars or by imprisonment in the County Jail for a period of not to exceed six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

9.44.020 - Giving false information to security officers prohibited when.  It is unlawful for any person to willfully give false information to, or to deceive by any other means, any guard or security officer employed by the Rolling Hills Community Association of Rancho Palos Verdes, for the purpose of gaining permission from said guard or security officer to enter upon or use the private roads in the City.

9.44.030 - Violation—Penalty.  Any person violating any provision or failing to comply with any requirement of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person convicted of a misdemeanor under the provisions of this chapter shall be punishable by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment in the County Jail for a period not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. 

Suspicious Activity
What is suspicious activity?  Suspicious activity or behavior can be anything.  Once you have been alerted to something, take time to observe it, don't be too hasty or rationalize your observations.  It may take some time, but remember to trust your sixth sense; if it doesn't look
right, its probably not and call the Sheriff's Department immediately. DO NOT WAIT!!!

Suspicious Persons
Going door to door.  This is especially suspicious if, after a few houses are visited, one or more of the individuals goes into a back or side yard.  They may be "casing" for a house to burglarize.  Waiting in front of a house especially if nobody is home could be considered suspicious.

Persons who act strange or unusual could be ill, injured, or under the influence of drugs/alcohol.  In all three cases, notify dispatch.

Person running especially if something of value is being carried.  The person may be fleeing the scene of a crime.

A person who is carrying property.  This depends on the circumstances. For example, if it is at an unusual hour or in an unusual place, the individual may be leaving the scene of a robbery, burglary or theft.

High volume of foot traffic to and from a residence on a daily or very regular basis.

Consumer Advisory
  • IRS Scam Calls  Please be aware of phone calls falsely claiming to be from the IRS and  even having a caller ID that identifies them as the IRS.  The callers also appear to know the last 4 digits of the call recipient's social security number. Please be advised that the IRS will first contact you by mail, not by phone or email. Please contact the IRS directly if you are worried the call is real. The IRS can be reached at 800-829-1040 or go to To file a complaint with Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration please call 800-366-4484 or go to or FTC at 877-FTC-HELP or go to
  • *72 Phone Scam Advisory     Do Not Dial *72.     The increasing pattern was noticed by deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, who have been receiving an increasing number of phone calls from people who have been scammed. The scam begins by the victim caller receiving a call from a person claiming to be a deputy. This imposter tells the victim that one of their family member's has been incarcerated or involved in an accident. The imposter then informs the victim caller that their family member provided the victim caller's name as an emergency contact. The victim caller is then instructed to call a number that begins with *72 (Example: *72-323-555-1212) to get the information they will need. When the victim caller hangs up and dials the number provided, they are told they have a wrong number .  However, since the victim caller used the prefix *72 to initiate their last phone call, they have just automatically forwarded all their incoming calls to the scammer's phone number (These include collect calls from inmates who want to avoid paying for collect calls). The billing for these forwarded calls goes to the victim caller until they turn off call forwarding on their phone (usually by dialing *73).    
  • Can you hear me/Are you the homeowner Phone Scam.  The idea is to ask the victim a simple question so that they respond with "Yes". The scammer then records the response and uses it to authorize charges on credit cards, bills, and more. This is because many companies today use voice-recognition system for customer service, which scammers then "hack" with the voice recording. Scammers can also ask to press a button on the phone which is how they found out if the number is active. When receiving an unknown phone call please do not respond and not press any buttons on the dial pad. Here are some more questions the scammers tend to lead with: Are you the lady of the house? Do you pay the household phone bill? Do you pay the household bills?
  • Business Owners Need to be Aware of Phony Fire Inspectors

City of Rolling Hills
2 Portuguese Bend Road
Rolling Hills, CA 90274
Ph. (310) 377-1521
Fax (310) 377-7288
7:30 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri
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